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RampsRVA / Alease
Ramp #463



Alease often spends time alone in the home she shares with her husband.  She is on dialysis and as a double amputee she needs assistance to get safely in and out of her home on a regular basis, year-round. Her husband designed a small ramp, though it was not long enough to be as safe as needed.

We are so grateful to our HandsOn team, many of whom we met through previous Altria events. What an awesome crew!

In memory of Mrs. Ann Weaver, all our August clients received daisies in her honor. We are deeply grateful to have known Mrs. Weaver.


Ishita Bakshi

Russell Cheely

Roger Garrett

Rita Powers

Sharon Quigley

Will Turner

Location: Henrico, VA
Date: August 26, 2020
Duration: 1 Day