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RampsRVA / Elizabeth
Ramp 524



Elizabeth suffered from COVID pneumonia earlier this year.  It wasn’t until spending time in the hospital with COVID that she received an ankle wound shortly upon discharging home.  Her ankle wound quickly became infected and developed into osteomyelitis, infection of the bone, and she was sent to a skilled nursing facility. Living in a skilled nursing facility has been especially difficult on Elizabeth with the pandemic affecting the frequency of activities in the building; confining residents to their rooms for most of the day to prevent any chance of a coronavirus outbreak.

Now Elizabeth requires a wheelchair all the time meaning, she could not return home safely without a wheelchair ramp and could not afford to pay for one out of pocket.  After waiting four and a half months she can now come home and be reunited with her family and her beloved cat. Pictured is her mom, happy to have her daughter coming home!

Thank you Collegiate RampsRVA club for your dedication and hard work.


Stan Craig

Emily Deskevich

Jack Hill

Dave Headly

Amani Kimball-McKavish

Will Neuner

Vivian Sievers


Location: Richmond, VA
Date: November 21, 2021
Duration: 1 Day