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RampsRVA / Jagat
Ramp 500



Meet Jagat, the RampsRVA 500th ramp recipient! There is no family more deserving than Jagat’s. He is a proud retiree as a diesel mechanic for the Greyhound bus line. After he left Greyhound, he was enjoying retirement and his family when he contracted Covid-19 in December of 2020. In a matter of hours, Jagat went from a healthy man with no pre-existing conditions, to the brink of death. He and his family went through a series of trails and tribulations with this disease. On several occasions, they were told to make final arrangement. But Jagat fought on. After many months in the hospital and rehab facilities, Jagat was able to come home. However, Covid had changed him, and his family, forever. He was not longer able to walk and required dialysis 3-times per week. His family was literally carrying him down 5-flights of steps in his wheelchair. In addition, the family was not only dealing with their father’s health, they were also dealing with the financial repercussions that come with such a major illness.

When RampsRVA was called to help this family, we were there to observe how his family had to carry him down stairs, and witnessed one of his family members slip and almost drop Jagat. We knew we had to build this ramp quickly to keep the family and Jagat safe. In what was also a fateful turn of events, Jagat was placed on the waiting list and was designated to be our 500th recipient. This is a major milestone in the 16-year history of RampsRVA. From a group of 3-students getting together to fulfil a community service pledge, to where we are not, they have taken the organization to where it is today, putting $2,000,000 worth of ramps in our community for those who have lost mobility and are in financial need.

We would like to take a moment to thank Jagat and his family, and also the many stakeholders who made this ramp, and indeed, all the ramps we have built, happen. A special thanks to our partner, Amramp for their generous donation of the 500th ramp to Jagat and his family.

Build Partners:

August Berling

Mike Dowd

Jim Dowd

David Newton

Coleman Wortham

Simon Petrizzi

Bill Grove


Location: Richmond, VA
Date: May 27, 2021
Duration: 1 Day