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RampsRVA / Kevin
Ramp #458



Kevin is a paraplegic living in Richmond. His caregiver has been truly innovative in how she put together a “ramp” for Kevin, using 1 x4 plywood and part of a metal shelf.  Needless to say, when MCV connected us, Kevin and his caregiver really looked forward to their ramp. Unfortunately, the COVID crisis forced all businesses to close down…the week before we were scheduled to build for Kevin!

Thanks to the “above and beyond” efforts of MCV social workers, we were able to reconnect with Kevin and get him back on our schedule once the Governor’s orders allowed us to get out in the field again.

We were excited to meet Cathy and Shane Brown, who worked with us on an (extremely) hot day to put up a wonderful, strong, new ramp for Kevin.



Cathy Brown

Shane Brown

Location: Richmond
Date: July 22, 2020
Duration: 1 Day