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RampsRVA / Sarah
Ramp 488



In almost every circumstance, when we build a ramp for a recipient, we are helping them connect to medical appointments, friends and family, and the ability to reconnect with their community. But sometimes it’s as simple as helping someone to be able to walk out to their own backyard. A backyard that has been a place to grow flowers, to enjoy nature, to talk to neighbors over the fence. Things a lot of us take for granted. However, Sarah didn’t take these things for granted. She lost the ability to do them. She called Dave at Senior Home Services, who contacted us to see if we could help. Using a section of ramp that was damaged underneath and no longer able to be used, we were able to give Sarah the freedom to once again enjoy one of her life’s passions. What would have been scrap metal, is now her bridge to happiness.


Dave Van Aken

Javon Robinson

Location: Richmond, VA
Date: March 26, 2021
Duration: 1 Day