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Ramp 103

Build Date





Henrico, VA


  • Megan Amos
  • Meredith Armstrong
  • Sam Pasco
  • Virginia Parks
  • Jarrell Raper
  • Dixon Wallace


Joyce has Stage 4 COPD and relies on her scooter 100% of the time as she maneuvers around inside and outside her home.  Our CSEI (Cochrane Summer Economic Institute) build crew did a phenomenal job building this extremely long ramp.

Special thanks to RAMPS Alumni Mike Dowd for his support on this build.

“First I want to thank you for a job well done.  The ramp has improved my life because now I am able to get out the house more than I have in two years.  My family is much older than me and couldn’t help me in and out of the house.  This ramp has made my life a lot easy(sic). ..Words could never tell you how thankful I am for my ramp.” – Joyce