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Ramp 110

Build Date





Sandston, VA


  • Molly Mansfield
  • Bobby Aveson
  • Maddie Burfeind
  • Kaitlyn Crews
  • Gabby Gelozin
  • Erin Cross
  • Caroline Goode
  • Anna Hoover
  • Eliza Wood


Roland is a 17 year old high school student with cerebral palsy.  He lives with his aunt and uncle (his parents have both passed away).  His new ramp will give him a level of independence any 17 year old would enjoy, and makes it possible for him to get out of the house quickly and easily in case of a fire.

“I want to take the time to thank you all for your dedication in making an improvement in my life by building a ramp that will help me drastically with my lifestyle.  This also takes a lot off my family as well.  This is an amazing experience for everyone and has made it easier for me to access teh outdoors more and making me more self motivated into doing more things on my own.” – Roland and family

Special thanks to Board Member Jim Dowd and parent chaperone Thomas Gelozin for helping on this build.