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Ramp 120

Build Date





Henrico, VA


  • Mary Lowman
  • Bridget Shaia
  • Frida Clark
  • Sarah Casasnovas
  • Kara Williams
  • Madeline Lebar
  • Rachel Boykin


Glenda is a diabetic who recently had a portion of her foot amputated.  As a result, she has a difficult time balancing herself and to avoid falls, uses a wheelchair.  She was a little unsure our builders would show up – it was 26 degrees – but the St. Catherine’s students are made of sterner stuff than she realized.  And with just a few thaw breaks (to get feeling back into their fingers), the students did a wonderful job!


Update:   8/2015 Glenda has passed away, but her husband, Richard is now 100% reliant on a wheelchair, so he is grateful to be able to use the ramp!