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Ramp 247


Build Date





Chesterfield, VA


  • Elena Wrobel
  • Jenny Chelmow
  • Mishaal Gilani
  • Greta Pesch
  • Sami Ullah
  • Matteo Murrelle
  • Paige Fuller
  • Kimmy Wrobel
  • Jenna Yeager
  • Spencer White
  • Jacob Ash
  • Hunter Corder
  • Jami Orrell


Kimberly served as a member of the US Military for numerous years.  She is a thoughtful, quiet individual who enjoys being outside.


She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis several years ago, and her husband was forced to leave his job in order to help in her care.  With these changes, they have both become more socially isolated, leaving the home for medical appointments only.


The Midlothian High School crew came out early Sunday to build a ramp for this family.  Kimberly was overcome with emotion after riding down the ramp for the first time -she shared that for her, part of dealing with MS is that she has difficulty controlling her emotions.  There is no doubt she and her husband both will be able to use the ramp with ease.  Kimberly shook each and every builder’s hand before sitting on the back porch as the students headed off to their next build.