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Ramp 248

Build Date





Richmond, VA


  • Elena Wrobel
  • Jenny Chelmow
  • Mishaal Gilani
  • Paige Fuller
  • Kimmy Wrobel
  • Spencer White
  • Jacob Ash
  • Hunter Corder
  • Jami Orrell


Chastine is a 68 year old below the knee amputee who relies on a scooter to get around town.  His girlfriend is his caregiver, though, at 78 she has health concerns and mobility challenges as well.


Until our Midlothian High School crew arrived, the two of them had been lifting his heavy power chair up and down the steps of the home.


Chastine is unable to read or write, so he asked our RAMPS supervisor to come into the house while the students built a ramp so he could dictate a thank you note for our builders before we left the site.  He was extremely excited to test drive the new ramp, and shared with us how pleased he is as he shook everyone’s hand and thanked us.