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Ramp 249

Build Date





Henrico, VA


  • Catherine DeVoe
  • Allie Diemer
  • Jordan Marcus
  • Eleanor McGee
  • Julia Mitchell
  • Megan Phillips
  • Shaan Sharma
  • Cindy Spratley


Jim is 71 years old and was originally diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.  However, in the last several weeks, doctors have realized he has a more unusual diagnosis, and have been treating him with a refined approach.

His wife, Nancy, is his main caregiver.  It has been impossible for her to take him outside as they did not have a ramp.  However, with this new ramp, built by our Collegiate club, she will be able to take him outside, something she’s been wanting to do for months.

It is amazing to us that one of our student builders from Collegiate School has a grandparent who had the same unusual ailment.