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Ramp 253 (Deborah)

Build Date





Richmond, VA


  • Austin Arnold
  • Carly Hermanns
  • James Childress
  • Killian Jackson
  • Emily Marcy
  • Valerie Stevens
  • Anderson Kemp
  • Will Stettinius


Deborah recently  received a spinal cord injury, resulting in her paralysis.  She is excited to meet our student builders and believes the ramp will help reduce her struggle with the depression she’s been experiencing.  She was very excited to be able to leave her house and head down to the neighbor’s yard sale to purchase a microwave!  Our crew from James River High School did a great job for her on their first official build.


We appreciate the support of ECK Supply, which helped make this ramp possible.  Thanks as well to the Dana and Christopher Reeve Foundation for their donation, which supports our builds for individuals with spinal cord injury.   To see more resources available for those with spinal cord injury, visit the link below: