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Ramp 257

Build Date





South Chesterfield, VA


  • Jasmine Adams
  • Gabbie Allen
  • Kaela Bowers
  • Briana Brown
  • Britney Brown
  • Alex Cordell
  • Dania Patterson
  • Ana Flores
  • Alexis Forrester
  • Jasmine Jones
  • Marijah Mosley
  • Jonathan Newby
  • Ana Salgado
  • Cindy Salgado
  • Lea Salgado
  • Noe Salgado
  • Jay Swedenborg
  • Jessica Harris
  • Josh Harris


Johanna is a 40 year old with Muscular Dystrophy.  She was referred to RAMPS by the MDA Clinic at VCU.  She uses her powerchair to get around in and outside her home.  She has two young children under the age of three.  Her husband is a heart patient, so he will benefit from the ramp as well.

This build was part of a joint project with LC Bird High School, Interact, and RAMPS.  Thank you to Jonathan’s little brother for helping out with photography, and special thanks to the parents who drove their students to the build!