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Ramp 259

Build Date





Henrico, VA


  • Annie Bird
  • John Hazelton
  • Jonathan Beigel
  • Rachel Varon
  • Anne Pearson Fox


Rosa is an 88 year old widow living in Henrico County.  She has RA, high blood pressure, and has beaten cancer twice.  She uses a walker and a wheelchair.  She struggles with balance most days, so her son is encouraging her to use the wheelchair to avoid falls.

A ramp allows her to attend doctor’s appointments on a regular basis (she’s missed appointments on days when her son has been unable to come lift her up and down the stairs).  She will also be able to attend her local church and visit with her friends in the church community.  Prior to her failing health preventing her from going out, she volunteered at the church for many years – it’s an important part of who she is and provides social support for her, so she is eager to reconnect with the community.

She and her son were delighted to meet our builders from CSEI.

Special thanks to our driver, Lillian Hazelton, our Board Member Dave Newton, and our bonus builder, JP Watson!