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Ramp 261

Build Date





Richmond, VA


  • Jeffrey Hu
  • William Simopoulos
  • Joana Buck
  • Abigail Cawley
  • Christy Bacon
  • Joy Ma


Sally is an 81 year old widow who lives with her son (who is also her caregiver) and  her disabled nephew in Richmond.  She has dementia and balance issues.  She spends time alone in the home, and has missed doctor’s appointments because she does not have a safe ramp at the home.  Her son encourages her to use a walker, though she prefers not to do so.  She has high blood pressure, and an enlarged heart, among other health issues.

Her son shared, “This ramp would be a blessing to me and her both, particularly as she has so many doctor appointments.”

The family was so pleased to meet our CSEI builders and in fact, her son and nephew kept the builders company while they worked.

Special thanks to our driver, Ernie Simopoulos, and our Board Member Jim Dowd for providing guidance on the build.