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Ramp 262 (Lester)

Build Date





Richmond, VA


  • Dalton Ruh
  • Katie Ryan
  • Joanna Yan
  • Ellie McLean
  • Michael Donnelly
  • Luke Powell


Lester is a 43 year old paraplegic.  He lost control of his vehicle five years ago and crashed, resulting in his current condition.  He called RAMPS for assistance and we mobilized quickly, as we learned he spends time alone in the home (which is a fire safety issue), he has a female caregiver, and he’d missed doctor appointments because he did not have a safe means into and out of his home.

Unfortunately, he went to the hospital the night before our CSEI builders came out to build his ramp.  His girlfriend was kind enough to come out for a photo.  She told us how much she appreciates the hard work of each and every student on the build.

When we caught up with Lester in the hospital, he shared his excitement at being able to get into his house easily.  He is able to get a motorized wheelchair now that he has a ramp, and he’s looking forward to getting out on his own.

Special thanks to our driver, Rita Ryan, our Board Member Coleman Wortham, and our Peer Leader and CSEI Alum, Colin Berger!


Additional thanks to the Dana and Christopher Reeve Foundation for their donation, which helps us make this ramp for Lester possible.  To see more resources available for those with spinal cord injury, visit the link below: