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Ramp 264

Build Date





Richmond, VA


  • Annan Lu
  • Annie Zhang
  • Anita Foo
  • Carisa McLaney
  • Sonia Hossain
  • Ryan Koch
  • Henry Quach
  • Jared Zhang


This innovative group of builders approached RAMPS to request a community based club (instead of the tradition, school club approach).  And they’ve done a wonderful job with this new format!

One of their club fundraisers was held at Sam’s Club on W. Broad Street.  While at Sam’s, a woman approached them to request help for her mother.   After completing the application process and conducting a field assessment, this club was able to build for the mother of the woman who requested their help.

Shirley is 72 and has kidney failure, heart failure osteoarthritis and other health challenges.  She does spend time alone in the home, so fire safety was a concern for both she and her family.

She was deeply moved by the compassion of our builders, who did a great job on this ramp.  A special thanks is extended to our Peer Leader, Kaitlyn Kurdziel, who assisted on this build.

“Words alone cannot express my gratitude for the building of this ramp.  This ramp will enable me to go to the doctor and other places easier.  The students could not have built the ramp at a better time, prior to their coming to build the ramp, my husband died and to see caring young people do something to make my life easier, done my heart a world of good.  The ramp was initially for my husband and I to be used to travel to dialysis and doctor’s appointments or wherever we had to go, because we both were handicap.  All of the students were polite and nice as could be, my daughter who made the connection with the students said that they were a joy, and she could not have met a nice group of young people at the Sam’s Club doing their fundraiser.  I just want to say, thanks to RAMPS a million times over…” – Shirley