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Ramp 265 (Paul)

Build Date





Richmond, VA


  • Annan Lu
  • Annie Zhang
  • Anita Foo
  • Carisa McLaney
  • Sonia Hossain
  • Ryan Koch
  • Henry Quach
  • Jared Zhang
  • Michael Pang


This innovative group of builders approached RAMPS to request a community based club (instead of the more traditional, school club approach).  And they’ve done a wonderful job with this new format!

Paul is a 45 year old paraplegic living with his caregivers in Richmond.  In addition to the challenges presented by paraplegia, he must also deal with the effects of a recent stroke.  He relies on his caregivers to help him in and out of the home daily to allow him to visit a local day facility.  Despite the heat, he kept the students company during the entirety of the build.

Both he and his caregivers are looking forward to using the new ramp every day.

A special thanks is extended to our Peer Leader, Kaitlyn Kurdziel, who assisted on this build.

Additional thanks to the Dana and Christopher Reeve Foundation for their donation, which helps us make this ramp for Paul possible.  To see more resources available for those with spinal cord injury, visit the link below: