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Ramp 271 (Sharice)

Build Date





Richmond, VA


  • Rachel Edwards
  • Mishaal Gilani
  • Josie Ades
  • Jacob Ash
  • Amber Arnold
  • Hunter Coker
  • Bethany Crisp


Sharice is a 19 year old with cerebral palsy.  She and her family moved into their new home this past July.  Without a ramp, she has not been able to leave the house for ANY reason other than doctor’s visits.  As you may imagine, both she and her mother are tremendously excited that she will be able to get outside for some fresh air!  Our Midlothian crew did an amazing job despite the regular rain we encountered.  In fact, it is difficult to hear Sharice as she thanks the students as the rain is SO loud!  IMG_7370

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