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Ramp 277 (Victor)

Build Date





Henrico, VA


  • Lydia Cloud
  • Ian Fraser
  • Chloe Houdek
  • Kelly Martin
  • Caroline Meek
  • Isabella Ragazzi
  • Madeline Russo
  • Caroline Ryan
  • William Sherill
  • Abbey Watson
  • Charlotte Wilmouth
  • Cassie Grebas
  • Kira Flores
  • Lauren Davis
  • Ashley Nelson
  • Evelyn Saunders
  • Stephanie Welles
  • Erin Flores
  • Paige Hawkins


Victor has a spinal cord injury after a construction accident.  Because he was confined to his apartment, he was struggling with depression after being isolated from friends, family, and the local community.

We were fortunate to partner with Maggie Walker Governor’s School group, Relevance Rising (more information here: We had a wonderful turnout, and appreciated the experienced RAMPS builders who joined us (Erin, Cassie and Evelyn)!

Thanks to the Dana and Christopher Reeve Foundation for their donation, which helps us make this ramp for Victor possible.  To see more resources available for those with spinal cord injury, visit the link below: