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Ramp 282 (Korey)

Build Date





Richmond, VA


  • Brett Glover
  • Alex Hartmann
  • Destana Herring
  • Jacqui Marchetti
  • Daniel Patterson
  • Parker Reed
  • Mead Spotts
  • Charlie Willingham


Korey is a young man confined to a wheelchair.  His mother is his full-time caregiver.  In order for Korey to attend school regularly, his mother requested RAMPS build a ramp to allow her to get him safely to the school bus stop in front of their house.  Our brave and hardy Collegiate team braved 25 degree weather (17 with the windchill!) in order to build this ramp for Korey.  Thank you to both Korey and his mom for bundling up and coming outside for this photo!

Special thanks to Dr. Headly for driving the students and keeping all of us moving in a forward direction!