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Ramp 283 (Earl)

Build Date





Richmond, VA


  • Brett Glover
  • Alex Hartmann
  • Destana Herring
  • Jacqui Marchetti
  • Daniel Patterson
  • Parker Reed
  • Meade Spotts
  • Charlie Willingham

Earl is a 59 year old with diabetes, he’s had surgery to remove two brain tumors.  Recently, his legs have not been able to support him.  He is anxious to get to the doctor for treatment and arthritis medicine, but is unable to get out without a ramp.

The Collegiate Club did not hesitate to bundle up in warm clothes and set out to build this ramp in 25 degree weather.  Despite the cold, the students built quickly and efficiently, allowing Earl to feel comfortable making doctor appointments to begin to get some help.



Apologies for the bad photo of this build – apparently the cold eroded the photographer’s limited abilities to take a good photo.