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RampsRVA / RAMPS  / Ramp 285 (Tracey)

Ramp 285 (Tracey)

Build Date





Richmond, VA


  • Annie Zhang
  • Carisa McLaney
  • Sonia Hossain
  • Angel Lu
  • Allyson Wang
  • Rachel Zhao
  • Jared Zhang
  • Annan Lu

Tracey is a recent amputee.  She lives with her adult son, who helps care for her when he is not at his job.  She spends time alone in the home, so fire-safety was a concern for everyone.  She is tremendously excited to get her prosthesis and begin using the ramp as part of her therapy!


Our Community Based RAMPS Club did a stellar job getting this ramp up quickly and efficiently.  Shout out to Tracey’s neighbor and close friend, Elli, who helped connect Tracey with our organization!


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