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Ramp 286 (Charles)

Build Date





Richmond, VA


  • Annie Zhang
  • Carisa McLaney
  • Sonia Hossain
  • Angel Lu
  • Allyson Wang
  • Rachel Zhao
  • Jared Zhang
  • Annan Lu


Charles is a quadraplegic after trying to break up an argument 20 years ago.  His mother, formerly a nurse, was forced to leave her position in order to take care of Charles full time.  Charles loves the sun and fresh air, and his new ramp will allow his mother to take him out whenever she wishes to do so.  The ramp will also make it safer and much easier for his wheelchair to roll out of the house.  There are times when a rapid response and transport via ambulance is  necessary, and the ramp will facilitate this process greatly.

Our Community Based Club was able to tweak a number of adjustments on the ramp to allow him to come down to a mat, which keeps mud out of his wheels (and out of the house) and also allows the rest of the family to access the front porch whenever they wish, which was a request they made.  We are so happy he will be able to get out of the house without the stress and concern the family had previously!

Additional thanks to the Dana and Christopher Reeve Foundation for their donation, which helps us make this ramp for Charles possible.  To see more resources available for those with spinal cord injury, visit the link below:

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