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Ramp 294 (Otis)

Build Date





Richmond, VA


  • Addison Jacunski
  • Cindy Garcia
  • Alex Cordell
  • Jonas Kee
  • Kaela Bowers
  • Ana Flores
  • Dania Patterson
  • Gabrielle Allen
  • Ana Salgado
  • Jess Harris
  • Josh Harris
  • Jay Swedenborg


Otis lives on his own in Chesterfield.  He had polio and has paraplegia, severely affecting his legs.  He uses a wheelchair all of the time and had missed doctor appointments previously due to a steep, wooden (and slippery!) ramp.

He was kind enough to put on some music for the kids as they worked, and sat on his side deck to keep us company.  Our LC Bird team did a fantastic job!  Support by Rotary and Interact, this ramp will be used a lot!


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