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RampsRVA / RAMPS  / Ramp 295 (Marion)

Ramp 295 (Marion)

Build Date





South Chesterfield, VA


  • August Berling
  • Hank Berling
  • Charlie Garbett
  • Chris Metzger
  • Christian Bolton
  • Vaughn Harper
  • Cameron Armstrong
  • Josh Brown
  • Mark Kukoski
  • Luke Selman


Marion is 75 and has lupus, RA in her back, kidney disease, and neuropathy.  She spends time alone in the home, so fire safety is a concern for both she and her daughter, who is her caregiver (and disabled as well).  She and her daughter both were delighted to meet our fantastic crew of Benedictine builders.


A special thank you to Board Member August Berling, who served as supervisor on this build!


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