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Ramp 299 (Stephanie)

Build Date





Henrico, VA


  • Sarah Blackburn
  • Mitch Calhoun
  • Matthew Gelozin
  • Gillian Laming
  • Caroline Matarwan
  • JP Watson
  • Dave Newton


Stephanie has carpal tunnel as well as other health challenges.  She has a female caregiver, spends time alone in the home, and uses the rescue squad for fairly regular appointments and has missed doctor appointments.  She is 51 years old.  Her caregiver is her 17 year old son.  She uses a wheelchair all of the time and was tremendously grateful to our awesome CSEI Build Team for her new ramp, “This will make things so much easier!!” she shared.

Additional thanks are extended to JP Watson (Assistant Head of School at Collegiate School), and Dave Newton (RAMPS Board Member) for their support on this build.