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Ramp 300 (Dot)

Build Date





Richmond, VA


  • Annan Lu
  • Claire Andress
  • Rahim Hassan
  • Zach Moelchert
  • Annika Tobe


Dot is an 88 year old widow who lives alone (so fire-safety is an issue).  When she was born, she was about 2 lbs, prompting her Dad to exclaim, “Why she’s no bigger than a Dot!”   And the nickname stuck!  She has arthritis in her hip, has missed doctor appointments, and relies on her many friends and neighbors to move her in and out of her home.  She was delighted to meet our CSEI Build Team, and served them lemonade and cookies during a break from building her ramp.

Additional thanks are extended to Trina Clemens (Director of Economic and Entreprenuership Education, Collegiate School), and Jim Dowd (RAMPS Board Member) for their support on this build.