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Ramp 315 (Roger)

Build Date





S. Chesterfield, VA


  • Emma Stith
  • John Wingfield
  • Bret Evans
  • Jon Koch
  • Julia Betancourt
  • Joe Montante
  • Henry Revere
  • Max Mahoney
  • Noah Carter

Roger is a 63-year-old gentleman who lives with his widowed mother, who is also his caregiver.  Years ago, Roger was robbed and then shot.  He was struck by bullets in the head, neck, and stomach.  As a result of the shooting, he has a traumatic brain injury which impacts his ability to move, or even speak.

This ramp was built by our Monacan High School RAMPS Club, some of whom are involved in the Health and Physical Therapy Specialty Center.

Thank you to Chesterfield County Fire and EMS for coming out to speak with the students about the impact their time will make in this family’s life.