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Ramp 323 (Alvan)

Build Date





Chesterfield, VA


  • Julia Mitchell
  • Tana Mardian
  • Sarah Robins
  • Shreya Sharma
  • Freddie Saint
  • Daniel Patterson


Alvan and his wife just moved back to Chesterfield County in order to be close to friends and family.  At 86, Alvan has had numerous strokes.  His wife, at 81, is his main caregiver.

The family was pleased to meet our Collegiate builders this morning.  However, we also learned he had an appointment less than an hour after we arrived.  This team worked quickly to get the ramp into position so that leaving was not as difficult as usual.  By the time they came home, the ramp was up, solid, and freshly painted – ready to welcome them home.  His wife shared she didn’t even need to use her cane when they came home – she said she “Zipped right up the ramp!”



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