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Ramp 330 (A)

Build Date





Glen Allen, VA


  • Aidan Burger
  • Matthew Gelozin
  • Sean McHugh
  • Julia Mitchell
  • Shaan Sharma
  • Shreya Sharma


A is just under two years old and has been diagnosed with Severe H.I.E. – Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy. She may never walk, and she may never talk.  She is ventilator dependent and gastric tube dependent.  While she is quite young and light right now, her condition requires that she travel with a lot of equipment strapped to her chair.  She was referred to us through the Henrico County Early Intervention Program.

A is the child our charter club at Collegiate chose for their 100th ramp.  Thank you to Davenport and Company for their generous support of this build, and to Board Member Mike Dowd for his work, too!