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Ramp 347 (Barb)


Richmond, VA


  • Dave Noonan
  • Jim Lilly
  • Melody Abadam
  • Patricia Engber
  • Thomas Bonomo
  • Travis Roever
  • William Bhatta
  • Rick Stevenson


Barb has COPD, is diabetic, and has osteoporosis.  She is oxygen dependent as well as insulin dependent.  Her new ramp, courtesy of our Altria volunteers, makes everyday life much easier for her.  Our amazing volunteers also trimmed shrubs, removed crabgrass, planted flowers, and mulched.  They also painted her front porch posts, which were in need of attention.

She shares, “It was heaven – I love you all to death.  I know God is going to bless you the way He blessed me yesterday.”