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Ramp 348 (Patricia)


Highland Springs, VA


  • Ashley D’Ambrosia
  • Anna Wu
  • Samantha Funkhauser
  • Daniel Patterson
  • Nora Willet
  • Sarina dePalma
  • Saanvi Mittal
  • Shreya Sharma


Pat has MS, as well as herniated discs and spinal stenosis.  She has gout and has had a stroke.  She spends time alone in the home that fire safety is a concern, and her main caregiver is her teenage grandson. She was excited to meet our builders from Collegiate School, who worked through an overcast and humid day.  Her new ramp means she will be able to use her scooter to get into and out of her home.


Thank you, I am so blessed.  I wish all the job, love and happiness in the world.” to the students! -Pat

Thanks to Dr. Headly for his continued support and willingness to donate his time on days off from school!