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Ramp 351 (Thomas)


Richmond, VA


  • Ashley Ban
  • Julia Betancourt
  • Noah Carter
  • Emily Pinchbeck
  • Abby Dixon
  • Mackenzie Zimmerman
  • Melissa Zimmerman
  • Sam Montante


Thomas is 70 and a recent amputee.  His wife is his main caregiver and the two of them have struggled to get him in and out of the house since the amputation.  The ramp they used was a 4×8 plywood sheet without rails, and while this was a creative “fix”, it was not safe for either of them.  Their new ramp allows them both to use it safely, and, as Thomas says, “I can’t thank you all enough!”

Thank you to our Monacan RAMPS Club for their time – Thomas and his wife are both appreciative of your hard work!