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Ramp 355 (Christopher)


Henrico, VA


  • Nate Larsen
  • Hunter Fallen
  • David Hansen
  • Mitchell Volkay
  • Michael Hagin
  • Jackson Beale
  • Hank Shield
  • Matt Solomon
  • Marshall Harless
  • Andrew Shalaski
  • Adam Clark
  • Preston Willis III
  • Ryan Carroll
  • Jonathan Hundley
  • Lindsay Cooper
  • Daniel Fredenburg
  • Aidan Mckeon
  • Garrett Gannon
  • Brian Mayer
  • Bennett Hubley
  • Sebastian Suarez-Vasquez
  • Matt Cornwell
  • Austin Alphin
  • Grant Turner
  • Alex Petroka
  • Cole Ragone
  • Nikolas Branch
  • Travis Lestyk
  • Bryan Freeze


Christopher is a 42-year-old paraplegic who lives alone.  Prior to receiving the ramp, he struggled to get into and out of his home.  He and a friend were able to construct a wooden ramp, though it ultimately proved to be one that was not safe to use in rain or bad weather as it was narrow and did not have rails.

Christopher enjoyed meeting our hardworking volunteers from the Tuckahoe Sports Leadership Program.  Not only did they build him a safe new ramp, they raked the leaves in the yard and cleaned up twigs, branches, and trash, too.

Thanks to Chris McKnight and  RAMPS Board Member Jim Dowd for their time.  Also, thanks due to the Dana and Christopher Reeve Foundation for their ongoing and generous support of RAMPS as we work with our spinal cord injury clients.