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Ramp 356 (Delores)


Richmond, VA


  • Drew Larsen
  • Declan Kent
  • Brandon Hill
  • Peyton Quisenberry
  • Emmalee Lawson
  • Kaitlyn Mitchell
  • Gracie Fisher
  • Camdton Furman
  • Judd Garner
  • Emily Rose
  • Caroline Tyler
  • Liam Simpson
  • Brierra Tyler
  • Gabe Lassiter
  • Brooks Mazey
  • Alexandra DiNardo
  • Trenton Goodman
  • Micah Darrington
  • Riley Blaha


Dorothy is 88 years old and lives with her daughter.  She has had a stroke and has impaired mobility on both sides.  She had been missing doctor appointments prior to receiving her ramp, and her daughter had tumbled down the hill on the side of the sidewalk when she walked her mother down the steps – scary moments for everyone!

“You all were wonderful…It was awesome, just what she needed!  We don’t have to                                   carry her up the stairs, we just roll right on in – safety first!” – Delores (daughter)

Dorothy and Delores were delighted to meet our student builders from the Tuckahoe Sports Leadership Program.  The hardworking volunteers not only built a beautiful new ramp for them but raked all the leaves in the yard and picked up (a LOT) of acorns.

Thank you to coaches and parents who assisted, including Kelly, Sarah, Matt and …Thank you to WRIC for covering our hardworking player/builders!