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Ramp 357 (Hester)


Richmond, VA


  • Grace Brinkley
  • Adam Chin
  • Lauren Davis
  • Kate Driebe
  • Elena Gutierrez
  • Kylie Hubard
  • Isabella Kates
  • Ashley Nelson
  • Katie Peabody
  • Erin Winters


Hester is 55 years old and in a wheelchair full time due to a combination of congestive heart failure, diabetes, and high blood pressure.  She lives alone, so fire safety is a concern.  Her annual income is less than $11,000.  She was referred to RAMPS by Social Services.

What does she look forward to the most?

“Freedom, to go outside, to go to a restaurant, somewhere – to get outside.” – Hester

Thank you to our Maggie Walker Governor’s School Club and adviser Paige Hawkins for helping this ramp go up so smoothly!