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Ramp 359 (Herbert)


Chesterfield, VA


  • Gray Broaddus
  • Michael Chapman
  • Will Eng-Nugent
  • Davis Gillenwater
  • George Hodgson
  • Brady Mattson
  • Cole McCoy
  • Will Roberts


Herbert  is 69 and has had four strokes.  He has diabetes, high blood pressure, and diminished vision.  At times he has difficulty breathing.  He is at risk of missing doctor appointments without a ramp.  His ramp will be 29 feet long and straight.  His nephew, Cortez, is his main caregiver.  Cortez’s other uncle also lives in the home.  He suffers from dementia, which will eventually impact  his balance, so the ramp will be crucial for both gentlemen.

Thank you to our fantastic build team from St. Christopher’s School, and to our Board Member, Dave Newton, for working with the group.