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Ramp 361 (Anthony)


Chesterfield, VA


  • Mark Kukoski
  • Hunter Beverley
  • Brendan Cury
  • Will Garbett
  • Nick Hastings
  • Tyler St. Claire
  • Will Keifer


Anthony is in his early 40s and almost 400 pounds.  He broke his pelvis in a fall down his stairs.  He goes to dialysis three times a week and has missed or had to reschedule doctor appointments due to his inability to safely move in and out of his home.  He is in a wheelchair all the time.

We loved seeing his response to rolling down his new ramp – see it here.  Our Benedictine RAMPS Club exhibited fortitude as they worked nonstop as snow fell off tree branches above them throughout the 30-degree weather on the build.  Gratitude is extended to our Board Member, August Berling, for working with this great crew.

Our Benedictine crew is extremely talented, check here for an awesome time-lapse video of the build (these are always fun to watch!)