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Ramp 374 (Maria)


Chester, VA


  • Lia Artis
  • Doriana Delbridge
  • Amaya Jackson
  • Michael Lyne
  • Jonathan Newby
  • Carly Norman
  • Elias Salgado
  • Lea Salgado
  • Lily Tran
  • Lindsay Corbett
  • Jessica Harris
  • Jay Swedenborg


William, a disabled veteran, is the main caregiver for his wife, Maria.  Maria suffered a series of strokes last year, forcing her to use a wheelchair.  This ramp will make it easier for this couple to enjoy sitting on the front porch together, as well as help them get safely to doctor appointments and visits out of the house.

Thank you to our LC Bird Interact Club for their efforts to ensure this family can get safely into and out of their home. Additional appreciation to Jessica Harris, faculty adviser, for joining us on the build.  Extra appreciation goes to Jay Swedenborg of Communities in School Chesterfield.  Both Jay and Mark James, who thoughtfully brought us donuts, are members of the Rotary Club of South Richmond, which supports our efforts, too.  We were fortunate to have Rob Thompson of the Chesterfield County School Board as a welcome guest at our build!