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Ramp 381 (Joseph)


Chester, VA


  • Stacy Ban
  • Emily Cooper
  • Jennifer Fadul-Marin
  • Katherine Potocko
  • Rebecca Robertson
  • Samantha Warmbier
  • Wade Rosenbaum
  • Riley Peterski
  • Johann Ruiz (John)
  • Amy Wilkinson
  • Mark Wilkinson


Mr. Shepperson is 57 years old and has had a stroke.  He is in a wheelchair all of the time he is not in bed.  He misses doctor appointments because he has a difficult time getting into and out of the house.  He spends time alone in the home and is worried about fire safety.  He lives with his sisters and nephew.  He is excited to have his new ramp and is looking forward to getting some safe exercise as he uses his ramp in therapy (his previous ramp was far too steep and did not have rails).

Additional thanks are extended to our adult volunteers, Mark and Emily for their fantastic support on this build.