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Ramp 383 (Sharon)


Richmond, VA


  • John Malanka
  • Erica Dodson
  • Ken Iseman
  • Anthony Precopio
  • Chase Brion
  • Grant Berger
  • Paul Kimball
  • Sam Jetton
  • Paul Music
  • Mark Madison
  • Page Ewell
  • Steve Beegan


Sharon has congestive heart failure, respiratory failure, diabetes and renal disease.  Other than for doctor appointments, she hasn’t left the house in five years.  Her new ramp will enable her to access dialysis treatments safely.  When we called to check in and see how the build went, Sharon’s mom shared that Sharon was so excited to leave the house on her own, she didn’t come back home for six hours as she visited everyone in the neighborhood she hadn’t been able to visit while house-bound.

Our amazing build team from Richmond Window was so focused and friendly, it was a pleasure to work with you! Additional thanks are extended to Dave Newton, RAMPS Board Member for his guidance on this build.