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Ramp 386 (Lionell and Gracie)


Richmond, VA


  • Patrick Fang
  • Angel Lu
  • Daphne Pang
  • Michael Pang
  • Ashish Vaidyanathan
  • Allyson Wang
  • Carson Wang
  • Jalen Wang


Lionell is 62 and battling a form of cancer which requires he be extremely careful all the time (hence the mask).  Prior to receiving the ramp, he was unable to get to the curb so he can catch the care-van to doctor appointments.  His mother, who is also in a wheelchair, will now be able to get to her front porch to enjoy her flowers, or to go down the street to visit neighbors.

This build was challenging because we were all trying to get the ramp built safely before heavy thunderstorms and flash flood warnings became an issue.  Our Community Based Club did an amazing job staying focused and working swiftly and steadily, allowing us to get this ramp built in a timely fashion!

Extra thanks to Lionell’s brother in law, who moved several azalea bushes and hosta plants prior to our arrival, helping the build go smoothly.