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RampsRVA / RAMPS  / Ramp 387 (Fred, Oliver and William)

Ramp 387 (Fred, Oliver and William)


Richmond, VA


  • Patrick Fang
  • Angel Lu
  • Daphne Pang
  • Michael Pang
  • Ashish Vaidyanathan
  • Allyson Wang
  • Carson Wang
  • Jalen Wang
  • Minnie Zhang


William has had a stroke and has Parkinson’s as well as several other health challenges.  His two stepsons are his caregivers and both have had strokes.  One has diabetes, too, and the other also has had a heart attack.  Therefore, this ramp will benefit all three gentlemen living in the home.

This build was challenging because we were all trying to get the ramp built safely before heavy thunderstorms and flash flood warnings became an issue.  Our Community-Based Club did a great job adapting the ramp to the site while fighting off ants at the same time (a LOT of ants).

Extra appreciation is extended to our parents, who helped keep us focused and moving forward (and making sure we were safe as storms began to head our way)! Thank you to the two sweet neighbors who made an extra effort to thank the students for building this ramp for their neighbor.