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Ramp 397 (Marie)


Chester, VA


  • Karl Sommer
  • Tim Melton
  • Kevin Wilson
  • James Bailey
  • Jim Rippy
  • Dan Cornell
  • Ana Ramos


Marie is a referral to RAMPS through the Chesterfield County paramedics, who were getting calls to help get Marie into and out of her home.  While they were happy to do so, it limited their ability to respond quickly to incidents in the area.

This new ramp, courtesy of our wonderful Altria Corporate Partners, means Marie is once again able to attend weekly dinners at a local restaurant.  According to her daughter, this will reduce her mother’s depression and feelings of isolation.  Our volunteers also removed two porch handrails which were unsafe, trimmed shrubs and a tree, and removed ivy from the side of the house – thank you, everyone, for your hard work.