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Ramp 398 (Elizabeth)


Henrico, VA


  • Elyse Cram
  • Sarina DePalma
  • Shreya Sharma
  • Edward Sinnott
  • Anya Sood
  • Sophia Warner
  • Nora Willett
  • Betty Zhao


Elizabeth is in her mid-50s and recently had a stroke.  She is now unable to live on her own.  She moved in with her 78-year old mother, who is now her main caregiver.  They both will benefit from this ramp as getting Elizabeth to doctor appointments is much safer (she had two men lift her in the wheelchair into her home when she was released from the hospital- scary for everyone!)  Our Collegiate RAMPS Club jumped right in to make sure she is able to get out of the house safely and easily.

Elizabeth took a few moments after the test ride down the ramp to share some of her thoughts.