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Ramp 400 (Carol)


Chesterfield, VA


  • Dirk Stout
  • Ray Price
  • Susan Stout
  • Ashton Blankenship
  • Aidan Blankenship
  • Camryn Breedlove
  • Larry Wampler
  • Richard Moore


Carol is a recent amputee (partial left foot and below the knee on the right leg) and a referral to RAMPS from Sheltering Arms.  She has previously broken both legs, had a knee replacement, broken shoulder and broken wrists.  She lives with her husband, who is 76 years old and has had a number of heart attacks.  This ramp will help both of them move safely in and out of their house.  This is their first time down the ramp together.

Thank you to our volunteers from Tomahawk Baptist Church – you guys did a great job! Watch here for Carol to review her ramp and how it will assist both she and her husband.