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Ramp 401 (Starnell)


Chesterfield, VA


  • Dirk Stout
  • Ray Price
  • Susan Stout
  • Ashton Blankenship
  • Aidan Blankenship
  • Camryn Breedlove
  • Larry Wampler
  • Richard Moore


Starnell is in his late 50’s and lives on his own.  He has had two strokes, three heart attacks, and is blind due to a detached retina on one side, and diabetic retinopathy on the other.  The house he lives in was his mother’s, and the ramp he is using was built for his mother after her stroke about 30 years ago. The ramp is too steep, slippery in the rain, and gives him splinters. Our partners from Tomahawk Baptist Church removed the old ramp and took it to the dump, landscaped, swept, fixed a soffit, and hung a shutter, and most importantly, built a new, safe ramp which will not give Starnell splinters!

Thank you to our volunteers from Tomahawk Baptist Church, we love partnering with you.