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Ramp 408 (Edgar)


Richmond, VA


  • Andrew Kauders
  • Carter Lowe
  • Makai Milton
  • Shreya Sharma
  • Sophia Warner
  • Katherine Williamson
  • Dave Headly


Edgar is 65 and has ALS, also called Lou Gehrig’s disease. He uses a wheelchair all of the time to get around the home he shares with his 36 year old daughter, who cares for him when she is not at work.  Edgar was just released from the hospital the day before we built the ramp and did not have his doctor’s permission to get out of bed, so his daughter, Jennifer, kindly test-drove the chair for our students.

Our Collegiate RAMPS Club did an excellent job, and our new builders – Andrew, Carter, Makai and Katherine did a great job with the guidance of our “pro” builders Shreya and Sophia. Appreciation is extended (as always!) to Dr. Headly, who donated time from his weekend to join us!