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Ramp 412 (Allison)


Chesterfield, VA


  • Ashley Ban
  • Julia Betancourt
  • Kristen Cadden
  • Jon Koch
  • Sam Montante
  • Nicole Nussbaum
  • Niamh Sherry


Allison is in her 40s and a recent diabetic amputee.  Because she did not have a ramp at her house, she was forced to move in with her sister until we were able to build her a ramp.  Her ramp isn’t a large one, but was challenging due to the site configuration. However, our Monacan crew did a fantastic job putting together a safe ramp which will allow Allison to move back into her home.

The Moncan club was so pleased to be able to build this ramp for Allison, as she is, herself, a Monacan graduate. Our two newbie builders didn’t hesitate to climb under the ramp or ask questions. Our seniors were great mentors to the newer builders.  Despite the wind and cold, they all focused and worked tirelessly to ensure Allison is able to move back into her famiy home.